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  • "Having a dental therapist or dental hygienist in a practice is a key necessity and provides patients with an added level of care as well as a great additional income for all dental practices."

Dental Therapist and Hygienist Recruitment

With hygienists and therapists being few and far between, finding one who can fit into the spare days within your practice can be a difficult, time consuming task. Dentists have the British Dental Journal, Nurses are on all job boards but where can you find hygienists and therapists.


  • Most dental hygienists work various days so finding one to work the day(s) you need can prove difficult.
  • Therapists are being integrated into more and more practices everyday, but how can they benefit you?
  • Where do you find Hygienists and Therapists? Standard job boards bring little benefit and cost a significant amount of money.
  • Hygienists generally have a one months notice period so when one leaves, you have very little time to find a new one.


Over the past few years, our consultants have connected and built up one of the largest therapist and hygienist databases in the UK. Unlike some other agencies, we still keep in touch with our clinicians, keeping up to date with latest movements within the industry and most important, keeping our system up to date with who is available and when. When you speak with one of our therapist and hygienist recruitment consultants, they will be able to give you a specific answer regarding availability so you can have a clear view straight from the beginning.

Our consultants are trained to assist with any query and can provide as well as support a dental therapist being integrated into you practice.

Due to our large network of clinicians, we are able to source quickly or provide a locum whilst a permanent clinician is found. Part of our network spans out across all social media platforms which give us the largest reach which eclipses all job board exposure.