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  • "With dental nurses being such a key cog in your practice, you want to make sure you find the perfect nurse to fit alongside your clinicians and provide the correct assistance."

Dental Nurse Recruitment

With so many dental nurses out there, choosing the right one for your practice is easier said than done. Not only do you have to match up certain skill sets, but you also have to factor in personality traits and how they will work with your clinicians.


  • Attracting a dental nurse who has the right personality for your practice is key. But judging that off a single interview is difficult.
  • Dental nurses generally attend multiple interviews before deciding a practice and trying to stand out is hard and time consuming.
  • Most dental nurses look for personal development as a main selling point for a position, but what if you have nothing set up?


With dental nurse recruitment one of the factors we evaluate first is the personality of the dental nurse. We continue to do this throughout our conversations to ensure that the candidates we are putting forward meet your requirements.

All our recruitment consultants have a sales background and are continually put through sales courses so that they can effectively sell the benefits of your position and practice. When nurses have multiple interviews, these subtly sells make a massive difference in swaying them your way.

EDR over the years has established various partnerships with third party companies that can benefit either the practice or the candidate. One of these includes development for all clinician types and something we use when a dental nurse is looking for a specific course or forward direction that a practice cannot offer. We help set everything up as if it is your practice that is offering the development and therefore ensure they choose you over anyone else.

To find a dental nurse quickly, contact us today and we shall start the process immediately.