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  • "Finding the perfect associate dentist for your dental practice can be a difficult, time consuming feat and with most agencies doing the exact same, how do we manage to stand out?"

Associate Dentist Recruitment

Generic adverts on standard job boards is not the way forward but unfortunately it seems that dental agencies use the same repetitive techniques as everyone else. Not only do we promote your associate role using unique and stand out marketing, but we also promote your practice using bespoke PR techniques to guarantee maximum exposure and interest.


  • With private becoming an ever increasing focus, trying to find an associate dentist to focus on purely hitting your required UDA targets can be difficult.
  • Some competitors will have a radius restriction in their contracts which significantly affects your catchment area when attracting someone local.
  • Skills contribute to a practice, but personalities are what makes a team, how can you know if someone will fit in?
  • Notice periods average at 4 months, that is 4 months without any UDAs being completed.


As part of our associate dentist recruitment structure, we look at all types of clinicians and have built up a large database which is filtered down to the smallest detail including clinicians who would prefer or are comfortable with mainly NHS contracts. This way, anyone we send across will be interested and therefore not waste your time.

Contract restrictions can be very difficult to get around and if you are situated in a rural village, then finding someone from outside that area can prove challenging. EDR do have ways in which we can assist with this, contact us to discuss in full confidentiality.

As part of our filter process, we also take down personality profiles to determine certain traits of a clinician. If you want someone who is focused or someone who is bubbly, then we can assure that anyone we send across are more than likely going to fit in to your team.

Notice periods cannot be avoided, however, depending on the situation, we can look at providing a locum at a reduced cost till the permanent clinician starts. This way you are not missing out on crucial UDAs.